• Q: Can I still get a kit for the build coming up soon?
    • A: Probably not.   We do order enough parts for one extra printer that we assemble before the event to make sure all the parts fit.   If it is still available you can purchase that one, but miss out on putting it together.
  • Q: What is the cost of the printer?
    • A: The registration fee varies event to event based on the configuration and other expenses associated with the location.    Check the specific event location for pricing.
  • Q: Can you use better looking wood than OSB?
    • A:  Okay fine.  Athough OSB has a real “I made it myself” look that your friends will think is way cool, and is lower cost, we are giving in and looking at something different.   The downside is that a higher quality frame will increase the cost of the printer.
  • Q: Will we cover software in the class?
    • A: Yes.   We will demonstrate and cover Marlin, Slic3r, Print Runner, OpenScad, and Thingiverse.
  • Q: How does this compare to other kits of similar price?
    • A: Usually the bed on other printers is much smaller, around 4×4 – 6×6 inches.    There is also shipping costs that need to be paid.   The major advantage at 3DPrinterCamp is that you learn how to build it and have an expert helping you along the way.   When it comes time to do repairs you will be very comfortable fixing the printer.   Even the pre-made commercial printers break down and need to be repaired.

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