Why we do this (Our mission):

  • To help people embrace the maker mentality while helping to financially support other organizations and communities with similar goals.

How we work toward our mission:

  • We provide a hub to connect teachers with learners.
  • We help people build 3d printers from scratch.
  • We make a cash donation to the organization that host events.

What specifically we do:

  • We order, prepare, and sell the parts need to to build a 3d printer.
  • We walk people step by step through the process of building the printer.
  • We demonstrate how to use 3d printers.
  • We post events that other groups are having and facilitate the enrollment for the events.

Assembling a kit on your own is big project that takes a good 40 hours of build time.   With our help you can get this done in one day.     You are also welcome to bring your own kit to the event to assemble instead of purchasing ours.

If you would like an event in your town, or during another month, please email E. J. Bantz ( or call 262-299-3525 to suggest a new location and day.

Also, if you are hosting your own similar build event and would like it listed here, please let us know so we can help spread the word.

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